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ROCKY MOUNT, NC - (March 15, 2024)  The Storytelling Institute is excited to announce the Creativity & Commerce Lunch-n-Learn + Dinner Salon series, a training for people interested in making money from creative ventures. 3-lunch-n-learns + 1-dinner salon = 4ward movement towards thriving. 


Our mission is to ignite imagination with insights…and profits. We curate safe spaces for people who have something to say but:

• Don’t know how to say it

• Don’t where to say it

• Don’t know who to say it to

• And do not know how to make money from it.


Every book, song, script, podcast, and production idea began with one story. We help lunch-n-learners locate that story. Then we train them how to create multiple streams of income from that story.


TSI Creativity & Commerce Lunch-n-Learn + Dinner Salon is hosted virtually. Participants will receive the link the night before the first lunch-n-learn gathering.


Why lunch? Well, when surveyed, the TSI early adopters shared how some of their best professional development experiences happened while eating lunch. Many of us work in jobs that feed our bank accounts (a little) but starve our dreams. At the Creativity & Commerce Lunch-n-Learns, we feed our dreams. Also, the evening time is where family duties and other responsibilities take priority. Carving out time at lunch to nosh and learn signals our commitment and readiness to feed our creative dreams.


Creativity & Commerce lunch-n-learners can expect clear, concise delivery of learning concepts. Our instructors are trained to demystify the creative process and talk straight about the route to profits. Lunch-n-learners can expect to listen to their own lives for that one story that’s been trying to come out of them.


By the end of the series, learners will have a draft of at least one creative idea, a platform for their idea, and a roadmap to profiting from their idea.


We meet for three (3) lunch gatherings, from 11:30 AM-1 PM, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and one dinner meeting on Thursday, 6:30-8:30 PM. While each session will be recorded, they will only be accessible to participants for up to 24 hours following each meeting. The intention is to meet at the webinar and take in the process together.


The Creativity & Commerce Lunch-n-Learn series investment is $350-$425. (It’s easier to book on our website - However, we have also partnered with other event management apps.)


For more information, visit, or email



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